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The goal of Calvary Christian Academy is to provide the best possible learning environment in a Christian atmosphere. A sense of the need for spiritual growth in the light of Biblical principles has lead Calvary Christian Academy to adopt standards of conduct and appearance which are believed to be conducive to the environment that will best promote the spiritual welfare of the students.

Uniform Information Sheet

School Source Codes:

French Toast: QS5KDLG  
Make sure to use proper school source codes when ordering from French Toast- these codes guarantee that you will be ordering our approved styles. Please note that some styles are approved for certain grades only.

General Information:

Students may not wear any sweater, jacket, etc. in the classroom that is not an approved uniform item. There are plenty of approved uniform items now available to keep your child warm in any situation while on campus- this includes the gym and chapel.  
The office will continue to stock any items that are in good repair for parents to take and use at no charge- please be courteous and only take what you need and return the favor by bringing in any items your child has outgrown for another parent to be blessed with.

Logo Information:

French Toast online, Daisy Day Brands, and Stitch FX have updated our new school logo with the wording “Calvary Christian Academy” around it. This logo is not a requirement for this year, but it is required to have the new Patriot logo. All other polos will not be allowed this year. 

Please do not take your uniforms anywhere else to have a logo set up- this is our school trademark and Calvary Christian Academy reserves the right to authorize all reproductions of it.  
Note: Color catalogs from French Toast may be viewed in the CCA office.



Daisy Day Brands

310 Eglin Parkway NE
Fort Walton Beach, FL 32547
(850) 664-2113

Stitch FX:

4445, 176 Eglin Pkwy NE # B 
Fort Walton Beach, FL 
32548 (850) 664-0200


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