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Instrument Lessons Registration Form


Instrument Lessons Registration Form

Private Lessons


Private piano and violin lessons are offered to students from first through twelfth grades. Students receive a 30 minute lesson each week where they are taught using various methods including Faber Piano Adventures, classical books, and hymn arrangements. Students are able to play hymn arrangements for chapel services and special school programs throughout the year. Each spring we hold a formal piano recital where students perform memorized arrangements. In 9th– 12th grades they have the opportunity to compete in the annual FACCS Fine Arts competition in the areas of classical piano, sacred music, piano duet, and piano/organ duet. At CCA our students are always encouraged to use their talents to glorify God.



We at CCA believe that music is a vital part of a Christian’s life and of a well-rounded education.  Our band program teaches the fundamentals of music as well as the basic skills required to play an instrument.  Individual instruction is given to students on the instrument of their choice and participation in band is a requirement.  The band participates in special school programs throughout the year, and individuals or small groups of students are encouraged to play for chapels.  Our music is based on conservative Biblical principles and seeks to honor and glorify God in every way that is possible.



There are many opportunities at CCA for students to be involved in music. We offer a 1st-6th grade choir. These choirs meet once a week to learn patriotic, sacred, folk, Christmas, and other various types of music. They also perform throughout the year at special school programs. Students in 7th -12th grade may select to join the high school choir at the beginning of each year. This high school choir is taught basic vocal skills and how to sing three and four part harmony. They also perform at various school functions throughout the year, compete in the annual FACCS Fine Arts competition, and have other opportunities for ministry such as singing for chapel services. Students in 9th-12th grade may audition for the CCA Ensemble each fall. Eight students are chosen to represent our school through their singing. The ensemble performs at various school programs, chapel services, FACCS competition, as well as other ministry opportunities in nursing homes, churches, etc. All those participating in any of our choirs are taught and encouraged to use their voices to praise God and to minister to others.



Art is designed to stimulate the artistic side of man. God has blessed each person with certain art skills and it is through art that students will hopefully discover those talents. Art is offered from the 1st – 6th grade utilizing various art mediums.



CCA students in 7-12 grades have the opportunity to be involved in our speech competition for FACCS, and the spring play. Each spring, students have the opportunity to compete in speech competition in individual and group speech performances.  On of the highlights of the spring semester for the junior high and high school is the opportunity to participate in the spring play.  Many of our students have enjoyed the experience of taking part in the Shakespearean or dramatic performances our high school prepares each spring.

FACCS Competition


Each spring, our high school students have the opportunity to compete in FACCS competition in Jacksonville, Florida, against other Christian schools.  Students may compete in Bible in Bible quizzing, preaching, Bible teaching, or Bible testing.  In speech, the students may compete in individual competition, duet acting, or group competition.  Students may also compete in music with solo or group performances in voice, piano, or any other instrument.  Art competitions include drawing, painting, sculpture, calligraphy, and arts and crafts.  Students also have the opportunity to show their academic knowledge in testing in a variety of areas.  The FACCS competition gives all of the students to develop their talents and perform at the peak of their abilities.


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