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Bus Registration Forms


2022-2023 Bus Registration Form

Bus Transportation Information


CCA provides bus transportation to the following areas:

Route 1: Crestview, Niceville, Eglin AFB, and Shalimar
Route 2: Navarre, Hurlburt Field, and Mary Esther

Times and stop locations are subject to change.

Due to the number of students we transport we have designed our routes with pick-up and delivery points. We do not provide house stops.   Students 5 years old and older are eligible to ride the bus.

Bus service charges are for ten months and are paid monthly by ACH withdrawal with tuition. Students who want to add bus service in after school has started may do so only as space and time allow. All changes (including withdrawals) in bus service must go through the office. Students riding the bus one day or more of any month will owe the full month’s bus service charge. Bus schedules will be available on Orientation Night. After this information has been received, if you have a question regarding any bus stop or you wish to make any changes regarding the schedule you have, please call the office (862-1414).

It is understood that the bus cannot wait at the morning/afternoon stops for any student, as that would disrupt the time schedule. It will be necessary for you to bring your child to school if he misses the bus. Students not met at their stop at the scheduled time will always be returned to the school to our Extended Care.

Safe Conduct Regulations on the Bus:


  1. Follow all directions of the driver and/or monitor.
  2. Go to assigned seat, buckle up, and remain there. Absolutely no turning around while the van/bus is in motion.
  3. Do not talk to the driver unless it is an emergency. (Drivers need to keep their minds on driving and their eyes on the road).
  4. Talk quietly so that the driver can hear traffic sounds.
  5. Keep arms and feet to yourself while van/bus is in motion.
  6. Loud talking and yelling are not permitted.
  7. Do not deface or litter the van/bus.
  8. No cell phones allowed on the bus. Any communication regarding pickup should be communicated to the bus driver or monitor on the school bus cell phone.


Violation of the above rules and regulations may result in suspension of transportation privileges by the administrator. Bus drivers/monitors have the same authority on the bus and in bus loading areas as teachers do in the classroom.

A copy of our bus safe conduct regulations will be included in the bus schedule. Please cooperate with the bus driver by teaching your child proper bus behavior. When a student misbehaves on the bus, a Bus Conduct Notice is completed by the driver and turned into the dean of students who will notify the parent. Three notices will result in a minimum 1-day suspension from riding the bus. We reserve the right to refuse transportation to anyone who violates bus safety regulations or who continually misbehaves. Parents will be notified and will be asked to transport their own children.

NOTE: The Administrator reserves the right at any time to set up stops and make any bus route changes so as to conform to our route guidelines and Florida state law, both of which are designed for the maximum protection of your child.


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