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Dear Parents,

We want to partner with you to cultivate in your child a lifelong friendship with literature. Reading appropriate and well-written literature will influence character development, vocabulary, humor, values, and worldview. We also want your child to be ready to learn when the school year begins. Therefore, we have created a summer reading program for each grade level.

Listed below are the summer reading selections. Each student will read the following books for their grade level, complete the paperwork, and return it to his or her teacher in the fall.

Please note that illustrated or condensed versions are not acceptable substitutes for these literary classics. Neither is viewing movies an acceptable alternative to reading the book. You may find these books available from the following links. Some are available at the library, Solid Ground Bookstore, on Kindle, Nook, Google Play, Amazon, or the iTunes bookstore. If you are having trouble finding a book, please contact the office at (850) 862-1414.


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