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Fall Enrollment for returning students begins February 1st

Fall Enrollment for new students begins March 1st

John Policastro, Administrator

Cathy Monnin, Preschool Director


If you are a K3 parent wanting to enroll your child into K4 please take advantage of the re-enrollment month starting February 1st.

Beginning March 1st every year the open enrollment process begins for all students who did not attend Calvary Christian Preschool during the previous school year. We encourage you to use this website or call in and schedule a tour to see the facilities.

Follow this step by step guide to complete the enrollment for your child.

Step 1: Read the Handbooks

To get an understanding of Calvary Christian Preschool’s rules and practices please read the handbook below. Be sure to select the handbook for your child’s age group.

Step 2: Fill out all required forms

Please print out and fill in all required forms. Once all required forms are completed they will need to be submitted to the office. (See below, Step #3) All of the forms are now located in the CCP Registration Information Sheet and Registration Form.

Step 3: Turn in Completed Forms and Registration Fee to the Office

Please turn in all forms that you filled out on the website for your child into the office. Office hours are from 8:00 am – 4:00 pm Monday – Friday. When ready to start looking for uniforms, CCP uses the same resources as the academy. Click here for local retailers. Once the school year gets closer and it becomes time to pick up supplies use the list below to help find the things you need for the upcoming year.

Preschool Supply List 2017-2018

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Fax #: (850) 862-9826

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