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Patriot Chronicle – March 13, 2012


FACCS Creative Writing State Winner

A big congratulations to Julia Holliman for winning first place in the short story category in the FACCS Creative Writing finals. You can read the short story that Julia wrote on the back of this week’s Chronicle. We are very proud of you Julia!

FACCS Creative Writing Finalists

The following students all received an “Excellent” rating at the State Creative Writing Finals: Charlie Davis, Sarah Bower, Emily Thompson, and Katie-Bree Hodgson.

Nacho Lunch this Friday

The Class of 2013 will be having a Fundraising Lunch to raise money for the Jr/Sr Banquet.willnachos (with the option of Chili), a fruit cup and a drink. Students can order lunch as normal.

Re-enrollment & Enrollment

Enrollment for the 2012-2013 school year is under way. You can still go online to your InfoDirect account to register. If you need your password call the office and we can send it home with your student. The cost is $150 until June 3 when it will go up to $200.  Remember, if you recommend a new family for the 2012-2013 school year and they stay the whole year, you will receive a discount of $300 off of your 2012-2013 tuition.

Elementary Basketball 

Thanks for a great season. If you haven’t turned in your jersey, please do so as soon as possible.

Little Anna

By Julia Holliman (3rd Grade)

One day there was a hen who had a baby chick. She named her Little Anna. Little Anna was a golden yellow with bright orange bill. She loved to eat oats, seeds, and bread. She wanted to go on an adventure but Mother Hen said she was too young. But one night, when Little Anna was six years old, she found a little hole in the fence and snuck out. Little Anna thought she would only stay outside for one night. Then she would tell her mother that the world outside of the farm is not as dangerous as she thinks. “Then mother will let me have another adventure,” thought Little Anna. With this thought, Little Anna fell fast asleep. But to her surprise, when she woke up, she found that where the little hole was, she saw the farmer fixing it with a hammer, nails, and a small chuck of wood. Then soon later the sun rose and Mother Hen woke up only to find that sweet Little Anna was gone. Then she cried and prayed all day for God to bring back Little Anna. Two months passed. Little Anna still wasn’t back. But during that time Little Anna had met the skunk, the shrew, the earthworm, and many more of the farmer’s helpers. Little Anna lived in the field now. She longed to go back home. This question always remained in Little Anna’s mind: When will I ever go home? Little Anna had learn to run from snakes, foxes, and other dangerous animals. One day when Mother Hen thought she was almost out of tear to keep on crying, she heard a loud noise that made her so startled, that she stopped crying to see what it was. Where the new board was she saw the hole again. Then she saw Little Anna climb through the hole. If you’re wondering how she broke the hole, it all started only a few minutes ago. You see, Little Anna was being chased by a fox. She was to fast for it. Little Anna stopped by the small new board was. Then the fox caught up with her. Little Anna turned around a few seconds later and saw that the fox was still running at her. Little Anna could feel the fox’s breath on her while he was running. His mouth was filled with teeth, and it was only a few inches away from Little Anna. Little Anna jumped up high to try to avoid the sharp teeth of the fox. Yay! Little Anna was still alive! Now remember, the fox has lots of sharp teeth, and only a hard and strong head could hold that much sharp teeth. Since the fox’s head was hard when it hit the small board  it broke the board. Then the hole was back. That’s when Little Anna climbed through the hole and was finally back with her mother. But the fox wasn’t dead yet. It tried to eat Little Anna, but Little Anna and Mother Hen made lots of noise to call the farmers. Luckily the farmers heard them, came with their guns, and shot the fox. Little Anna was safe at last. Little Anna snuggled next to Mother Hen. Then they all lived happily ever after. Well, all but the fox.

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