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Patriot Chronicle – February 28, 2012


Out of Uniform Day

The Class of 2012 is sponsoring an Out-of-Uniform Day this Friday, March 2. The cost is $2.00 and must be paid by Friday to participate. Students may not wear T-shirts with objectionable slogans. Girls may wear jean skirts and boys may wear jeans. Other dress standards must be observed including the following: skirts and dresses should be long enough to cover the knee when sitting or standing, slits and splits may not extend above the kneecap. Only high school girls may wear flip flops.

Bake Sale

The Class of 2012 will be having a bake sale this Friday, March 2 during lunch time. All items will be priced between 25 and 50 cents.

Cookie Dough Fundraiser

Calvary’s annual spring fundraiser is under way.. Each student has received a catalog with cookie dough, pies, and pizzas. All orders need to be turned in by March 7. Funds raised will go towards the new gym floor fund as well as other projects to enhance the overall program at CCA.

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