Calvary Christian Academy


Calvary Christian Academy requires all faculty and staff to be born-again believers and to follow the standards of life, morality, and discipline found in the Bible. They are also required to be faithful members of Calvary Baptist Church.

The faculty are also required to meet the certification standards required by FACCS (Florida Association of Christian Colleges and Schools).

Our teachers are dedicated to training up students using Proverbs 22:6; “Train up a child in the way he should go: And when he is old, he will not depart from it.” and 1 Corinthians 14:40; “Let all things be done decently and in order.”

Our faculty focus on academics is Christ-Centered rather than Child-Centered.


Dr. Mark Stevens
Pastor / President

Mr. John Policastro
School Administrator

Mr. Micheal Humber
Dean of Students / Athletic Director / Bible

Mrs. Cathy Monnin
Preschool Director


Mrs. Kendra Jeffries

Mrs. Terry Rivera
Church Receptionist

Mrs. Dottie Bruhn
CCA Office /  Secretary

Mrs. Lori Westfall
CCA Office / Secretary

Mrs. LaShawn Partlow
Special Needs Resource Teacher

Mrs. Linda Glenning
CCP Cook / Custodian

Mr. David Wood
CCA Custodian

Mrs. Tori Leggett
CCA Custodian

Mr. Tom Monnin
Bus Driver

Preschool Faculty

Mrs. Soila McGill
K – 3

Ms. Jackie Pipersburg
K – 4

Elementary Faculty

Mrs. Ann Gillam
K – 5

Mrs. Caroline Wulf
K – 5

Miss Karen Sharp
1st Grade / Elementary Supervisor

Kimberly Humber
2nd Grade

Mrs. Landa Gale Harmon
3rd Grade

Mrs. Shelly Ogden
4th Grade

Miss Jenny Herman
5th Grade

Mrs. Julie Wing
6th Grade

Miss Hannah Sculley

Mrs. Cindy Sanders
Elementary Art / Computer

Mrs. Jennifer Adams
Elementary Teacher’s Aide

Mr. Jim Clinton

High School Faculty

Mrs. Debbie Crandall

Mr. Steve Glenning

Mrs. Marianne Policastro

Mrs. April McGaw

Mr. Steve Walters
Network Administrator / Computer

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