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K5 – 2nd

A solid spiritual and academic foundation is important for a student’s success. At CCA we provide this foundation by starting each day with a Bible lesson, teaching reading with a strong phonetic approach, Mathematics, Phonics, Science, History, and Writing. We also provide instruction in Physical Education, Art, Music, Computer, and how to use the Library. Bible instruction and Christian values are incorporated into our daily teaching, along with enough fun to make learning enjoyable and to increase social skills. Students also attend Chapel one day a week. Several after school, extra curricular activities are offered such as; soccer, basketball, and pep squad.

3rd – 6th

Continuing to build on the strong foundation that was laid in K5 through 2nd grades, 3rd-6th grade teaches Bible, Mathematics, Reading, Language, History, Science, Health, Spelling, and Writing. In addition to these core subjects, Music, Computer, Physical Education, Art, and library skills are taught. Bible instruction and Christian values are taught within each subject and the students get to hear dynamic preaching at each of our weekly chapel services. Several after school, extra curricular activities are offered such as; soccer, basketball, and cheerleading.

High School

Calvary Christian Academy is dedicated to training servants for Christ and has a 45- year history of striving for academic excellence. Our educational program at CCA allows all of our students to prepare for what God has called them to do and to meet the challenges of the future. Weekly chapels in addition to Bible classes promote the students’ spiritual development.

At CCA our goal is to encourage students to reach their full academic potential while providing them with rich learning experiences in a wide variety of subject areas which help prepare them for college. Our teachers are dedicated Christians who are highly qualified to teach the curriculum that challenges students intellectually and promotes the integration of technology into instruction. CCA has an up-to-date computer lab and each classroom has computers available for students to complete assignments. Students are also given the opportunity to participate in many wholesome and fun activities such as choir, band, sports, student council, drama, spirit week, as well as FACCS Fine Arts competition and IDEAS engineering competition.

Calvary Christian Academy offers a college preparatory track for students in grades nine through twelve. Students are required to earn twenty-four (24) Carnegie units of credit for graduation. Carnegie units are awarded in ½ credit increments for courses successfully completed each semester. One full credit reflects completion of a minimum of 150 hours of classroom instruction in each subject. At CCA the core subjects are Bible, English, mathematics, science, and history. A full range of electives is offered to round out the curriculum. It is the student’s responsibility to know and meet the requirements for graduation. Students should follow the recommendations of the administration in order to meet the graduation requirements upon completion of the senior year.

High School Curriculum

Course Required Credits Details
Total** 24
Bible* 4 One credit each year at CCA
English 4 Grammar, Composition, and Literature
Mathematics 4 With Algebra 1 and Geometry
Science 3 With Biology
Social Studies 3 World History (1), US History (1), US Government (.5), and Economics (.5)
Physical Education 1 With Health component
Fine Arts 1 Speech, Drama, Band, Choir, etc.
Computer Applications .5 Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.
Foreign Language 2 Same language
Electives 1.5

*Students transferring from non-Christian schools may replace some of these credits with electives. All students are required to take Bible each year they are enrolled at CCA.

**State of Florida high school graduation requirements require students to successfully complete one online course for graduation.

High school academic electives:
Advanced Placement Calculus
Advanced Placement English Grammar and Composition

Five Year Trends – ACT Scores

Grad Year English Mathematics Reading Science Composite
School State School State School State School State School State
2011 26.5 18.8 24.0 19.9 21.5 20.2 23.5 19.1 24.0 19.6
2012 26.2 18.9 23.5 20.0 26.3 20.5 23.8 19.3 25.2 19.8
2013 26.5 18.7 22.0 19.7 21.0 20.4 21.0 19.1 22.5 19.6
2014 24.1 18.7 21.0 19.5 22.8 20.7 22.6 19.1 22.8 19.6
2015 27.2 18.9 22.2 19.6 24.3 21.0 22.0 19.5 24.0 19.9

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